Backblast Tutorial


[Article courtesy of “One Call” from F3Grandstrand]

This document is to help you seasoned PAX write Backblasts on our new F3GrandStrand website, and for you
new guys to have a tutorial on writing Backblasts.

The importance of consistent BB’s cannot be stressed enough. As a lawyer who regularly deals with medical
records, one of the key sayings from nurses is, “if it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen.” Now, all PAX who
attended a beatdown know for sure that it happened, but the saying still makes a point…the PAX that were there
want to SEE that it happened. Especially newer guys who won’t believe what they accomplished in a few short
months. The PAX that were not there, for example those on vacation or IR, want to see what they missed –
they want to keep up with their Brothers!! The BB accomplishes both of these goals, as well as many others….

So why do we write BB’s in the first place?

1. It documents the actual workout itself. This lets the PAX see what they did – sort of a report card (PAX
can also show it to their M’s and humbly brag about what they did to #getbetter). It gives other Q’s
ideas for their workouts. It lets visiting PAX who may want to guest Q see what kind of stuff we do
here; what pain opportunities exist; how many PAX to expect if coupons are to be the DRP of the day.
It also gives nomads or guys who have never posted an idea of what to expect at a particular workout.

2. Along these lines, it gives FNG encouragement – For many new guys, seeing their name on the
backblast for their first post is a big deal and provides a huge sense of accomplishment

3. It builds community amongst the PAX who posted there that day, and also amongst PAX who posted
elsewhere so they can see what they missed. Maybe most importantly, it builds community amongst
PAX who didn’t post for whatever reason. A guy who is out hurt can check in on twitter and read a BB
and feel part of the gang again in no time. We all know that being DR or on the IR is no fun and reading
the BB’s keeps us in touch – a shoutout in a BB to such PAX means a lot to them.

4. It gives Q’s (especially new ones) great ideas for their weinke by reading about what other Qs have

5. Accountability, which is one of the major factors that makes F3 work, is found in the BB’s in 2 ways.
First, if you know you are going to have to write about it later, it is incumbent on you to show up, do
what you said you were going to do, and make it worthy of writing about. Plus, it lets the other PAX
know that you care and that you take this whole thing seriously, which makes them want to follow your
lead. Second, if PAX know there will be a posting of who posted, they are more likely to post, so they
don’t get called out for #fartsacking. They post to be accountable to their Brothers. This makes us all

6. Gives our data people information and stats about workouts and helps us guide decisions on
if/how/where/when to add new AO’s.

Why doesn’t a Q write a BB? There are multiple excuses found in other posts, and none are valid.
1. No time. It can take as little as 5 minutes to post a BB

2. No planning by the Q. A lot of times when a workout is not planned in advance, the Q does not
remember afterward what was done, and so the BB is skipped. This goes to Q-101 – “Actually plan
your workout” – this is the way the PAX will follow your lead – showing them that you care enough to
take the time to plan an effective workout. Leaders lead and you are a Leader

3. Not a good writer. Who cares? You can still write who was there and what was done. At a bare
minimum. The other stuff is extra

4. The PAX do not read them. This is not remotely true – just ask the PAX

All that being said, WRITE THE DANG BB’s. It is part of your duty as a Q. If you don’t do it, you are not
fulfilling your duty. None of us are going to get any better by acting in a mediocre fashion, or by letting our
Brothers do so.

Iron Sharpens Iron