One BB, Four AOs

A couple of weeks before Christmas, Numerous parties going on, Copious amounts of food being eaten by all PAX.

Date of Beatdown:

 The Riviera - Gump, Mudslide, Hong Kong Phooey, Tag Team, Bob the Builder, Wishbone, Hoedown, Stuffed Crust - Respect, Grasspatch - QIC

The Nuthouse - Sitework, Bob the Builder, Super Dave, Grasspatch - QIC

The Crucible - Stuffed Crust - Respect, Hong Kong Phooey, Super Dave, Pop Tart, Sitework, Rainbird - Respect, Bartman - F3 Carpex, Grasspatch - QIC

The Anvil - Runoff, GoodCents, Postal, Gump, Grasspatch - QIC

 Run before, during and after each COT, Numerous exercises!

The Thang That Surely Happened:
 Too many things to list. Each man however, GOTBETTER!

Circle of Trust:
 Numerous prayer request. Above all, please remember this time of year isn't about a fat man in a red suit, it's about a Savior who was born sinless and died for us!

 Saturday, December 21, Ugly Sweater convergence at the Nuthouse. Coffeeteria onsite to follow!

 This week ended up being something completely different than what I ever thought. First, I didn’t remember signing up to Q more than twice in one week. When I realized there was an opportunity the LEAD 4 workouts at 4 different AOs, I thought, now this would be really neat! I wanted to at least prove personally that it could be done. Although three of the workouts were similar, there was a different combination of men at each one that made it unique and special. Men that had decided to better themselves for that particular day and come out to a workout that I was going to lead! I was truly honored! Leading one of these workouts isn’t hard at all. There just has to be a decision that you’re going to do it. A combination of exercises and reps could truly go on forever. Men, do not be afraid to lead. We have been freed to do this! That is what F3 does, for each of us.

Opportunities arise every day in life. Some we take advantage of, others we avoid. Some make us better men, some will hurt us as men. We have to discern for our own best interest and the interest of those we lead. Particularly our family! A wife or a child, who is depending on us to be the best man we can be today. And then tomorrow, get up and do it again.

I wanted to write this BB so each man would get credit for being at these workouts and to point out that Goldberg must in fact be a Q dodger. How could I lead 4 workouts in one week and him miss every single one? Oh well, I digress. Overall it was a great week!


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