Why we are “More than a Workout”

So truth be told…F3 is a leadership program disguised as a workout.
That’s right. Exercise is just a small slice of who we are. It’s only the magnet that draws men into our fellowship. Our mission is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the reinvigoration of male community leadership. In case you didn’t catch it, our workout groups are a means to the higher end of developing leaders.

Sure, a man could exercise by his lonesome in his backyard or hand his hard-earned paycheck to a clipboard-wielding meathead. Both of those endeavors could yield impressive results, but physical strength and endurance (although admirable goals) cannot win the day. Men need and deserve more than that.

Men need more than a physical challenge. We need mental, social and spiritual development to become the men God designed us to be. At F3 we believe this opportunity for growth takes place in community–specifically through the act of leading your peers.

Imagine being part of a brotherhood where you have ample opportunity to hone your leadership skills while getting into great shape. Imagine having the confidence and support to lead your marriage, home, and community effectively. What would be different if you had an army of men backing you up in daily prayers and fellowship? It’s not only possible; it’s available.

As we said above, we are more than a workout. We would love for you to join us and take a step toward becoming a “High Impact Man” who wins the day–every day.

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