Always a Great Time at The NutHouse

The first Monday of Summer break started with a nice but humid 72 degrees.

Date of Beatdown:

 Goldberg, Grunt, Cavalier, Grasspatch, Hong Kong Phooey, Rainbird, Old Bay, Straplock, Pert Plus, Big Wheelz, Faceplant, Sitework, Saved By The Bell, and Good Cents (QIC)

 one minute warning and disclaimer given

We moseyed to Santee Cooper's Office and picked up a few late stragglers. Faceplant was one of course.


15 IC LBACs forward
15 IC LBACs backwards
15 IC Old Man Windmills
15 IC Tempo Squats

The Thang That Surely Happened:
 We headed to the county courthouse parking lot for the beatdown.

Partnered up and introduced The NutHouse to Prayer Planks

Then we lunged the first set of parking lot lines with Lt. Dans

We bear crawled the next set of lines while stopping to do 5 merkins at each line

Crunchy Frog was the next exercise, which we eventually had to stop because about everyone just quit. Props to Sitework though for repping them out like a beast.

Before completely leaving the lot we stopped for a round of Wheel of Merkin

Moseyed a bit further before stopping for some Mary with The Hands of Time

Wrapped things up with some quick stretches

Circle of Trust:
 Count-O-Rama and Name-O-Rama

several announcements and prayer requests

 Read James 5:16 and discussed how the Prayer Plank exercise is a reflection of our Christian Walk

This was my first Q at The NutHouse and was truly an honor to be surrounded by such great guys!

Submitted by:
 Good Cents