Anvil got their monies worth today

67 degrees, no humidity. Perfect day for a beatdown

Date of Beatdown:

 Grasspatch, Wonton, Hoe Down, tag team, Bird dog (respect), Grill, fire ant (2.0), Fed ex, Mcgruff, Kiwi (F3 Grandstrand), Candycane (F3 Grandstrand), Goldberg, Pikachu (F3 Grandstrand) QIC

 1 minute and well the Pre-Cycle guys were making their way in.

Proper F3 Misson Statement, also that I was supposed to be a Co-Q today but Rousey from F3 Grandstand busted his toe and now I’m a solo Q. I know Rousey well enough that there was no bait and switch here. He’s a man if integrity.

15 Harry Rockets IC, 15 Tempo Squats IC, 15 IW IC, 15 HB IC, 15 Grady Corn ( This one challenged some pax) 15 LBAC F, R, 15 OHP IC, 20 SSH IC

The Thang That Surely Happened:
 Mosey to the center of the school. Partner up and keep switching partners through each exercise

Time for some Dora,
1) Elevated Tricep dips.. (Arms straight and body straight and bend elbows down for a dip, P2 mosey to fence and back. 100 total.

That went quicker than expected.

2) Elevated Mountain Climbers four count. P2 Mosey to Fence and Back 100 Total

Mosey to Practice field

3) Four High Knees and Three Merkins is one cycle. P2 mosey to top of bleachers, across, down and back around to P1. 50 total

4) The Ray Lewis is Born. You can thank Goldberg for the naming. Squat them left knee raise, squat then right knee raise, one cycle. P2 Mosey 20 yards first two sets then 40 yards. Last set. 50 total

5) Mountain Climbers with a knee tap. Opposite hand to opposite knee. Two count. P2 plank walk between the white hash marks. Last set mosey 40 yards. 100 total.

At this point I’m think we still have plenty of time (another 20 minutes) and all the Pax go to the Shovel Flags while I go the parking lot of the next exercise. We do parking lot tracer except Bear Crawl up, plank walk left Crawl Bear back until I had enough, then finished with regular tracer.

Look at my watch and yup we still have 15 minutes. Time fo walk like an Egyptian. Have all the Pax get on a parking lot line, hold lunge position and go. It’s not until now Hoedown starting complaining that the workout was only 45 minutes and well then remaking Pax were starting grumble and frankly wine a little bit. 😂 Not all pax were. So we finished up the last exercise and we ran about 8 minutes over. I honestly though the workout was an hour. It is Saturday so of course it’s an hour. Well today it’s almost an hour. Overall everyone was a good sport and finished strong.

Circle of Trust:
Name-O-Rama (13)

 10/10 10k which apparently I had a hard time grasping at first.

Freed To Bleed in the F3 grandstrand Oct 30.

 Once again I step out of my comfort zone to Q not just a different AO but a different region that I knew nothing about. We get into our little tunnel vision life and forget, hey there’s some awesome guys out there in different AO’s and regions. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Thanks to Rousey for pushing me here. One key component to becoming a great leader is learning how to adapt and adjust on the fly. Learning that what we may consider a failure is actually a victory in succeeding in our goals. It was an honor to lead, especially when neither the Q not the Pax know what to expect out of each other.

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