Core burner

43 degrees

Date of Beatdown:

 Straplock, Smokeybear, Fed-x, Cavalier(Fng), Colonel Sanders(respect), Bigwheels, Peach

 5:15 disclaimer given..
Ssh 20 ic
Windmill 25ic
Tempo squat 30ic
Mnt climbers 35ic

The Thang That Surely Happened:
 Mosey to Marina for for 4sets of pull ups and leg throws.. then we jumped back up and held as long as we could then 50 Mnt climbers x’s 2...
Now it’s time to sprint we did 4 sprints with different exercises after each one.. then for a slow mosey down the river walk we stoped for some flutter kicks and dieing cockroaches ..
Back to SF to give Cavalier his new name...

Circle of Trust:
 Prayers for Bigwheels and Luke..
Goldberg and Hudson..
And for cavalier and his family to hopefully be getting back in their house soon..

 Good cents Vq Wednesday at The Anvil!!

 Matthew 5:14-16

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