Mostly clear low to mid 40’s

Date of Beatdown:

 Face plant
Pop tart (2.0 of Super Dave. Tough little dude!!)
Super Dave
How down
Etch a Sketch

 We had some runners. Some started at 4:40 and got in 4 plus miles and some started a little later and got in all different mileages. Some ran the entire time and some stopped for the Kettelbell beatdown. This is me thing that makes the Crucible so unique. There is something for everyone.
Disclaimer given, let’s start.

The Thang That Surely Happened:
 Start out with Kettlebell swings all the way around. Our timer to change from one weight to another was one the person that happened to be on the dumbbells at the time. His job was to do 5 burpees with 25lb dumbbells, when he finished someone else took that place and we all moved to the next Kettlebell.
Next was arms with the same thing. Move when the 5 burpees was done. We also added in some pull-ups on the pull-up bar that was provided by mudslide.
Next was shoulders and back. Bent over rows, &/or high pulls.
I was trying to get away with not doing legs today since Bluegrass made me do 600 squats the day before during his Q but my luck ran out when HoeDown called me out on it. Sooo the next exercise was squats all the way around 8 count each.

Circle of Trust:
 Several prayer request were sent up and I prayed us out.

 Remember Anvil tomorrow morning. Bike ride starts @ 5:30 beatdown starts @ 7 with the one and only Papa Smurf leading us.

Remember there is still time to sign up for True North. Do not let the cost hold you back, there has been some gracious men that could not go themselves but have paid for spots to invest in others. That’s Awesome guys.

Thank you men for allowing me to lead!!

 12 pax today which is great. Numbers have been awesome since The Cruicable Launch. My man Peach is doing a great job as AO Q!
Keep up the good work men!

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