The weather was perfect

There was a slight breeze in the morning air as I anxiously waited for the previously eh’ed Kotters to arrive. Without fail up rolls Wonton and Goodcents as if they left home together.

Nevertheless they are always there. Still no Kotters so we began.

Date of Beatdown:

 Wonton, Goodcents, Postal

 Welcome I’m Postal
Disclaimer modify if needed
Warmup...all in cadence
15-old man windmills
15- ttt
15-lbac-fwd-back-overhead claps
Stretch- mosey

The Thang That Surely Happened:
I located some cones and divided the field into 4 sections/lengths.

Assigned the following exercises:

Clubs: bear crawl to first cone, Squats

Spades: lunge to second cone and do flutter kicks

Diamonds: tin soldier walk to third cone, diamond merkins

Hearts: fast mosey to fourth cone, BBSU

Jacks=5 pull-ups

reps are completed base on the number on the card as follows: Ace=1, 2=2….Jack= 10,, Queen=10, etc

DOD was performed until time

Circle of Trust:
 Discussed Shield lock

A believer without a clear sense of his or her true spiritual identity is like a police officer with no badge, like a driver with no license. They may have the right equipment, but they don’t have the authority to use it. 
Gideon was more than the sum of his cowardly parts. He was more than his circumstances. He was a valiant warrior touched by an encounter with God Himself. And you, my friend, are too. 


 Races coming up
Challenges coming up
Get involved
Get better

 Glad to be a part of this
We are getting better and building leaders
Let’s do more of it

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