The Truth will set you Free or Just Humble you

It had been awhile since we put in some work in the rain… But this morning, 10 PAX gave Zero Fartsacks! The liquid falling from the Heavens was simply Gods way of refreshing and Reinvigorated the PAX of #TheNuthouse

Date of Beatdown:

 Goldberg (QIC), BigWheelz, Rainbird, Straplock, Barney, Mudslide, Blacktop, OldBay, HongKongPhooey, Grasspatch

 Disclaimer was Given and YHC explained what was in store for the day. We would push ourselves hard! And exactly one month from now, We'd do it again... And see if we have Truly progressed... And then... One month Later... We'll do it AGAIN!
Each man will have two months to see how far he's came. Will you better your reps? Will you better your speed? Endurance?
Its 100% up to each Man that posted today. Time will tell... #accountability

The Thang That Surely Happened:
 First Exercise...
20 TTT in cadence
Second Exercise...
20 Imperial Walkers in cadence
Third Exercise...
Leg Stretches (right over left, left over right)

We slow moseyed to the corner of Laurel and 2nd Ave.

1st Challenge...
Each Man found an Accountability partner and Rainbird set the timer. How many TRUE BigBoys can you do in 60 seconds.

Each mans score was recorded. Will you do more next month? We will see.

2nd Challenge...
40 yard dash.
Each Man, One at a time gave it their all.
Times were recorded, and each Man had the opportunity to do it again. Some Men did better on the second go round, some regressed. Times were recorded.
The question is... Will you be faster in 4 weeks?

3rd Challenge...
100 yard sprint.
Each Man, One at a time, got to really air it all out for an all out football field length. Times were recorded.
Will you have more stamina, more speed in 4 weeks? We will see.

4th Challenge...
This was a MUST. Many of us exercise and attend F3 Beatdowns several times a week, BUT... Just how in shape are you? YHC had to find this out the hard way back in April when we did PT testing at #TheNuthouse. I was humbled that day, as I did exactly ZERO Pullups. Well, today was different because of that day in April.
Each Man, one at a time did as many pullups as possible and the Reps were recorded.

Were you humbled today? Are you gonna push yourself to be better in 4 weeks? We will ALL see.
The Numbers dont lie.

Circle of Trust:

Prayer requests... Etch, FedEx, and Pert. Keep these guys in your prayers. And GIVE THEM A CALL! Check on them! Let them know we're thinking about them, and here if they need ANYTHING! #DoYourPart
Don't talk about it Men! Be about it!


 Hulk 5k and 10k this coming weekend!

Mini marathon Coming up!

Adventure Race coming up! BigWheelz has gear if you need to borrow any!

F3Republic Leadership meeting tomorrow night. Please pray for these Men as they try and make the right decisions to help better our Region and the overall experience of the PAX!

 How Durable are you? How deep is your Pain bucket?

Are you posting and actually getting BETTER? Or are you posting outta habit and just going through the motions?
Take a good look in the mirror Men. You know the truth

Are you actually doing what we preach about? What we stand for? Are you REALLY praying for the PAX on IR... Or just talking about? Are you REALLY reaching out to Men you haven't seen lately... Or just talking about it?

Are you Really doing what a True #HIM does?

Look in the mirror... You know the truth.

And so do the guys that haven't recieved a single call, text, or any dang thing in weeks or even months from anyone that claims to be a #HIM.

We, as a Region, as PAX, as F3Brothers can do better.

-Goldberg Out

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