Hanging with Grover Washington – Just the 2 of us!

Clear skies. Perfect 60 degrees. Could not have ordered it any better!

Date of Beatdown:

 Wonton and YHC

 One Minute Warning

The Thang That Surely Happened:
 One minute warning
Accountability Count

LBAC - 20F, 20R, 20OHP, and 20Butterflies IC
Tempo Squats - 20 IC
Old Man Windmills - 20 IC
Emperor Walkers - 20 IC

MOSEY down Jordanville to the Elementary School with the following pauses:

Baseball field:
Diamond Merkins - 30
CDD-Carolina Dry Docks -30
Dips -15 12 10

At Tennis Courts:
Shoulder Taps

AES Playground:
High hangs 3- 30 secs
Low hangs 2- 30 secs
partner assisted -PULL UPS 2x10
Plank Jacks 20

Church Parking Lot -DORA Round of Mary:
-American Hammers
-Flutter Kicks
-Peter Parker’s

Back to the High School:
Sprints up the steps - 3 sets
Pole Dancers 12, 8, 6
Last round of 3 Powerful Step runs

Stretch it out!

Circle of Trust:
 It is important to find right relationship with Manna. The Jester that often gets me, can be prevented. It was interesting to talk to Wonton about our shared blindspot. We cannot be the dads and husbands we need to be when we are giving our best to our overtime!
MEN, "N-O" is a powerful word.
"When you reserve its use it at work, you are abusing it at home!"

 Peach is on Q Friday
VQ for Cavaliere
Un-spoken prayer concerns

 You REALY get to know a brother when its just the 2 of you!
Could not be more proud to know there were 20 boys down by the river supporting a VQ of the REPUBLIC!
As always, it was a pleasure to lead!

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