What about Saturday?

Low 50s, damp from the previous evening’s storm, but shaping up to be a beautiful day worthy of a good beatdown!

Date of Beatdown:

 Won-Ton, Podcast, Stoner (DR from F3 Charleston) Goldrush (Respect), Runoff (AOQ), Good-Cents (3rd FQ), Grasspatch (Nan'tan), and Rousey (QIC).

 YHC/QIC as part of his F3 goals for 2019 endeavored to go outside of his region (F3 GrandStand) to our neighboring newly formed region of F3 Republic periodically to Q, post or 2 or 3F. The brothers in this region have motivated and encouraged me; I enjoy reading about their progress, their stylistic approach to the Fs and the #shieldlock that occurs frequently among these #HIM! So, YHC decided to Q well outside of F3GS boundaries, past Lake Busby, past the metropolis of Conway, past 22, past the speed traps right after 22 that would have gotten a younger me, and into the realm of the Anvil and its mighty #HIM. YHC rolled into the AO -- the sprawling and diverse campus of Aynor HS with many workout possibilities -- rendezvoused with Podcast (keeping the #bromance alive), Grasspatch and some new faces for a brisk pre-ruck in the Aynor badlands.

After a 3-mile jaunt filled with fellowship, spiritual reflections and musings from this old man, we arrived at the AO greeted by more Pax with smiling friendly faces. Little did they know that I was bringing my "act" -- my bucket (with no handle, filled with a 50lb. sandbag, and another 20lbs. of weights for scale-ability) that would be the focal point of this morning's beatdown. The bucket carry mimics the same obstacle that is prevalent in all the Spartan mud races YHC has ran. The bucket doesn't lie to you, you can't cheat, its there and it must be moved. Reportedly its Goldberg's Kryptonite as he declared himself out the night prior... just kidding he was DR (or was he ?!?!).

Smiling Pax, friendly faces, inspirational tunes blaring, nefarious plot unfolding, and we hit the ignition...

Welcome to F3, mission, and disclaimer...

Warm Up: 15 - 20 reps. IC of SSH, IW, TTT, WM, LBAC (CCW & CW), Overhead press and Cherry Pickers. QIC while the arms were fatiguing from the last 2 warmups asked newer Pax 5 core principles with the veterans filling in any gaps.

The Thang That Surely Happened:
QIC had Pax pair up for a traditional DORA circuit - 100 Merkins, 200 LBCs and 300 Squats. Bucket carry protocol: each Pax took a turn walking the bucket 40 yards and back during the circuit. This greatly added to the suck factor. #Mumblechatter picks up.

Modified DORA circuit - 100 BBSUs and 100 4-ct. Flutterkicks. Instead of one partner running, it would be a bearcrawl 20 yards and try to the same on the return trip. And of course bucket carry protocol in play. #mumblechatter turns a little dark; QIC remembers where car keys are hidden.

A small reprieve from the bucket. And in the spirit of the upcoming Avengers movie (yes I am a comic book geek -- I named my oldest son Logan) we did Captain Thors. This being new to the Pax, YHC explained the 1:4 ratio protocol of BBSU and American Hammers (2 ct.) and our goal of 10:40. Each Pax led a round IC until we hit our goal. #crowdpleaser!

Leave no doubt. Last circuit and bucket is back in play! Pax lined up. In a conveyor belt type fashion, Pax 1 carried the bucket 30 yards and back, but before leaving would call out an exercise for the remaining Pax. Each Pax had 1 carry. Positive #mumblechatter returned with Pax calling out challenging exercises like back to back planks, burpees, etc. Pax looking spent, but the mood still positive, YHC had the bucket holstered.

Cool down: QIC led Pax in stretching and mobility exercises.


Circle of Trust:
 Countorama: 8
Prayers & Praises: Spoken and unspoken.
BOM by Good-Cents

 Check out F3 Republic web-site and Twitter posts for all 1st F workouts; 2F lunches, HHs, family outings, etc.; and 3F opportunities from Q-Source to bible studies to helping out a fellow Pax or their neighbor. There are lots of ways to plug in, get involved and #shieldlock! Don't miss out! The F3 Republic leadership is working hard to keep the region growing and relevant!

 YHC during the stretching and mobility cool down took the opportunity to lead a quick devotion with the same title as today's beatdown -- What about Saturday? During Easter time much is said about Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, but what went on on Saturday? We know "now" that King Jesus was wrestling keys of death and the grave away from Satan to give us an opportunity for true life (eternal and now) on Saturday. But, I was curious about what were the believers thinking -- the disbelief, the fog after the adrenaline of Friday wore off, the disappointment -- and how does it relate to my life. YHC opined that during these stretches of disappointment, numbness, morphing into disappointment with God (at least for YHC), that these seasons must occur as it gives us an opportunity to cry to to a big God who invites all the emotion, the thoughts, raw feelings and then in turn can mature our faith. Philip Yancey wrote in Disappointment With God: "One bold message in the Book of Job is that you can say anything to God. Throw at him your grief, your anger, your doubt, your bitterness, your betrayal, your disappointment—he can absorb them all. As often as not, spiritual giants of the Bible are shown contending with God. They prefer to go away limping, like Jacob, rather than to shut God out. In this respect, the Bible prefigures a tenet of modern psychology: you can’t really deny your feelings or make them disappear, so you might as well express them. God can deal with every human response save one. He cannot abide the response I fall back on instinctively: an attempt to ignore him or treat him as though he does not exist. That response never once occurred to Job." Yancey boiling it down further saying, "Faith means believing in advance what will only make sense in reverse.”

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