THE ANVIL “Hit it Hard”

I could not be more honored to Co-Q Anvil in this new Region. I am excited about the numbers and the quality of men who have come on board in the last few weeks. After 6 weeks, we have gained over 15 FNG’s! As my first time to solo Q a Saturday workout I wanted to bring in a few of the unique features that made us select this location.

Weather was perfect: clear, cool, and minimal dew on the ground. 53 DEG

Date of Beatdown:

 Etch-a-Sketch, Grasspatch, Peach, Mudslide, Good Cents, Tag Team, Lights Out, Podcast, Fed Ex, Goose, Omaha, FNG Matthew Hamilton (Gump), and a 2.0 FNG Price Hamilton (Legion)

 One Minute Warning
Disclaimer given
HC plus a PEACH rolling in on 2!
BAC- Fwd, Rev, and Overhead
SSH- 25 IC
Plank Jacks - 25 IC
Mountain Climbers - 30 IC
Bobby Hurley's - 25 IC
Mosey to Football Parking lot
Windmills - 20 IC
TTT - 20 IC

The Thang That Surely Happened:
 Route 66 (which is a combination of running a distance, Q calls stop and PAX do exercise)
Todays choice is the PRISON CELL MERKIN BURPEE (working our way up to 11 one day soon!)
We started with 8 Reps and ran around the complex and Repeated down to 1 Rep.
Ending at the top of the stairs at the ~0.7 mile mark.

Everyone grab some hand railing:
While laying on your back, pull your chest to the rail: IC 14 count and 8 count PLUS
15 Dips IC - count x 2

Mosey to the Bleachers where 4 Corners are setup. We did 4 rounds!
Divide up in 4 Man Teams:
Station A: Bleacher Bear Crawls (Timer)
Station B: LBC's/ BBSU AMRAP
Station C: CDD's/SSH AMRAP
Station D: Squats/Flutter Kicks AMRAP
In a rotating fashion, you sprint to next station when team member tags you.
Use caution bear crawling down steps!

Mosey over to Wall for some Step Ups. 10, 8, 6, 4, 2.

Ending in Mary on the grass because it was so dry!!
Windshield Wipers
Flutter Kicks
Dying Cockroaches
Box Cutters
American Hammers

Circle of Trust:
 Prayers for many who were out with sick kids and spouses.
Remember those on the IR List.
Good to have Etch "back" with us.
Gold Rush's family lost Mr. George Jenkins this week.
Colonel Sanders' wife.
Several Praise Reports.
Several unspoken.

 Great Work today... The Anvil is busy before 7AM!
2 Pre-runners
4 Ruckers
2 on Paper Route (although we had an unfortunate - clock fumble - and both guys rode solo.)
Postal is ready to start a run group on Monday at 5:15. Come out and get better.
Get on the Q-Sheet for Wednesdays.
KJ's for breakfast!

 Recently read an article about Community on the Q-Source sheet and this statement rang true:

"We seek strength in numbers for a variety of different reasons, but the most elemental is that life itself, while technically possible as a singleton, is not practical without combination with others. Loneliness is our subconscious yelling at us to go find a partner because we are not supposed to live like that. It’s dangerous (Jan 13, 2019 - )."

Men we are capable of self destruction....

F3 has been planted in Aynor to serve men, to help families, to make dad's better at being a dad, and to give spouses husbands who will be healthier and happier.
YOU are important to your family. That is your first ministry. That is where you have the most impact. Part of your WHY for being here should reflect your love for them as well as your love for your brothers!
Watch your words. Don't let your anger or frustration tear those closest to you down.
Build a positive community at home, church, work, and F3.
Be a #HIM

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