Who’s Q is it anyway!?!

Temp was around 44° and a nice breeze.

Date of Beatdown:

 Goldberg, Sitework, Mudslide, Straplock, Cavalier, BigWheelz, PertPlus (QIC)

 Disclaimer given
30 SSH IC then BigWheelz rolls up to join in the fun!
Windmills IC, the count? Who knows. This is when Sitework started with his shenanigans. We may have done 50.
LBAC IC forward then backwards 20

The Thang That Surely Happened:
 Mosey on over to the tennis court parking lot. Line up at the back, then Sitework decided we should start at the curb since it was his Q.
Lt Dans to the end of the parking lot, run around, rinse and repeat 4 times.
Burpee Broad Jump to the end of the parking lot, run around.
Karaoke to the end of the parking lot, run around.
Karaoke the other way to the end of the parking lot, run around.
Move across the street to the rail.
25 Dips OYO
Mosey back to the SF
Goldberg said he really wanted to get some sprints in this morning, so that's what we did 4 times.
On your 6, point toes up and bend over to feel the stretch...
Flutter kicks IC between 0 and 25
American Hammers IC 15

Circle of Trust:
 Lots of laughter between the 7 of us this morning!!! That's why we have the best AO around! We put in some hard work, but laughed as we felt calories melting.

James 5:16 was read, prayer requests, YHC prayed us out.

 Bible Study lunch at 12, Prayer concerns discussed between the PAX, 2nd F lunch tomorrow at Zaxbys 12pm

 It was a pleasure leading or trying to lead today despite everybody trying to take my position.

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