You Gone Learn Today!

It was a beautiful May morning, Downtown Conway… 60 degrees… with the scent of PAIN in the air.

Date of Beatdown:

 QIC Goldberg, BigWheelz, Faceplant, HongKongPhooey, OldBay, Mayhem, Sitework, FedEx and Cavalier

 Pleasantries were exchanged, I gave everyone a "Happy Monday Fellas", and we were off...
Disclaimer was given...

The Thang That Surely Happened:
 20 TTT
20 Windmills
35 Turbo SSH
56 LBAC... Number is random because we saw Mayhen pull up late, as usual, and I decided we'd continue them until he made his way over to the circle.

Upon Mayhems arrival I decided enough was enough. Sunday night YHC had made a special delivery to #TheNuthouse and stashed some pallets in a classified location.
I escorted 3 PAX to the hidden coupons, while3 others went and grabbed 3 cinder blocks. I could see it in their eyes... they knew. PAIN was in the menu!

We toted our coupons over to the parking lot and got in teams of three for some Hairburners, and it went as follows...

One PAX does squats while holding the block, one PAX does the below exercises, and the other PAX pushes the pallet. This continues until all said exercises are completed.

50 Burpees
75 Hand Release Merkins
100 BBS

It was a thing of beauty!
After probably 15 minutes, I began to notice the squats were being replaced by PAX using the block as a makeshift chair.

At this moment, I realized I had completed my mission... to bring the PAIN! So naturally, when each team had completed their exercises I stated "That was FUN!, let's do it again!"

And we did just that.

At 550am, I called it with the pallets and saw tears of joy running down the faces of several Men. We then headed to the street for one final push. We split up into teams and did a team relay.
One PAX from each team ran and did 5 Turkish Gettups and ran back and tagged the next PAX. This was done until all PAX had completed the relay.

Heart rates were high and time was called.

Circle of Trust:
 We put the coupons away and circled up...
Prayer requests were made... and YHC asked Sitework to pray us out.

 F3 Dads Camp coming up soon

 Always an honor to lead, and I'm forever grateful for each and every one of you who have been a part of my F3 journey. I hope to see you all, In the gloom soon.

Until then... Stay ULTIMATE!

-Goldberg OUT

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