A good day to have a good day

YHC was happy to be back in the mix this AM after laying low the last two weeks handling some family stuff. It’s always an honor to be among the men and lead. Thankfully RunOff showed up early to help me hitch to the trailer o/ goodies. We rolled over and dispersed the iron in time to squeeze off a quick 15 minute pre-run.

Date of Beatdown:

 Barney, Super Dave, PopTart, Pert Plus, Postal, Site Work, FacePlant, Cavalier, Runoff, MudSlide, HoeDown (QIC)

 AS the running Pax took off to race the street sweepers, the 7 of us lifters stretched out with some old-school moves as well as some new aged yoga poses. Lot's of mumble chatter about warrior posing and the such. It works. Nuff said.

The Thang That Surely Happened:
 Today's q was a no rest style Q. In between kettlebell movements, the PAX performed exercises in cadence, ran horses with the battle rope, or pushed the hair-burner pallet on the out and back.
Lots of movements were performed with precision and correct sequencing. YHC made sure that we stayed in a balanced and reasonable full body sequence. The stuff of learned doctors.
We kept lifting under the Q command until the streets were flowing with testosterone.

Our running mates rejoined us with 8 minutes to go and assimilated into the lifting cycle.

Circle of Trust:
 Barney invited all of us to support the R.E.D. Friday effort in honor of all those deployed. (Remember Everyone Deployed). Please make an effort to wear red to the Crucible in a show of support.

We exchanged some prayer concerns and a word was shared from Philippians 2. We should have the same mind of Christ who with his life and death modeled "picking up the six" as well as "leading in a rotating fashion."

We gathered in prayer, gave thanks and broke the huddle with one accord.

 Support RED Fridays.
Q sheets are always open!
Get out and EH the FNGs.

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