1st year in the books. Just the beginning…

It was a dreary Wednesday morning… The ground was moist, the air was thick, and my mind was clear. We were gonna run, and run fast.

Date of Beatdown:

 Goldberg QIC, BedPan FNG, BigWheelz, Straplock, SuperDave, Mudslide, Peach, Sitework, Mayhem, FedEx, PertPlus, Cavalier, RainBird, Quaker, Sunshine, Rubber, High Interest, SkidMark, FacePlant, BlueGrass, EtchASketch, GrassPatch, BrownBag, StuffedCrust

 Welcome and Disclaimer were given.
All PAX were thanked by YHC for the undying motivation throughout the past 365 and a special thanks was given to the F3GrandStrand PAX that made the trip.


Little Baby Arm Circles... 40 forward, 40 reverse, 20 overhead presses
30 Turbo SSH in cadence
High Knees with drop down meekins

It was time to do the thang...

The Thang That Surely Happened:
 Mosey appx 4 blocks to dark lit church parking lot behind The Spa on Main. Gather into teams of three for team relay sprints.
One Pax runs length of parking lot and does 10SSH, runs back and tags next Pax whom does the same. Once each team had completed the relay, last team does 5 burpees per Pax... although we decided all the Pax would join in on the fun.
Rinse and repeat, except with Turkish Getups instead of SSH.


We split into two groups of 12, as I wanted to go ahead and get everyone's heart rate UP! First group sprints the length of the parking lot and begins doing SSH. Once each Pax has started SSH, the next group of 12 Pax sprint the length of the parking lot. Once they each begin SSH, the group that sprinted first then sprints back the other way and continues doing SSH... we rinsed and repeated this, and mixed in some Mountain Climbers and Merkins for probably 7-8 minutes. It was a great way to keep everyone continually moving.

Now came the fun part...

Everyone seemed nice and sweaty and tired of running, so I knew it was time to push the limits of everyone! We moseyed a few blocks and YHC found a nice 100yd stretch of open road. We did 6 sets of all out 100yd sprints followed by 20SSH at the end of each sprint. It was ULTIMATE, as I saw the look of exhaustion coming over some.

Mosey back to the Tower for some Mary.
I called on each F3GrandStrand Pax to lead an exercise as a little show of respect for coming across the water for my Q.
We did...
Flutter Kicks
Box Cutters
Peter Parkers
And some other random exercise that Sunshine called out.

Time was called.

Circle of Trust:
FNG entered the Circle.
Former Firefighter, retired... now working at a hospital.
After 100 different names were thrown out, Quaker hollered out... "BEDPAN!" And it stuck! Welcome.
Announcements were made, prayer requests were spoken and YHC asked our resident deacon... SiteWork to pray us out.

 I will say that this morning I was 100% shocked and humbled by the show of support from these men that have became my brothers of the past year. Each and every one of you have played a significant roll in my self betterment and growth within F3Nation! I look forward to having each of you by my side, pushing me to get better, as I push you to get better, as we take this new region to the next level! Thanks again! Stay ULTIMATE #HIM of @F3Republic

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