Valentines Riviera Q

Valentines Day! Roses and chocolates are in the air! Clearing skies, heavy dew, and crisp 32 DEG! Rolled in to find 7 brothers who were strong enough to elude Cupid’s arrows! We are on a mission to loosen those hip flexers for the Big Day!

Date of Beatdown:

 Rainbird, High Cotton #Respect, Tag Team, Good Cents, Stuffed Crust, Face Plant, Grasspatch

 One minute warning
Accountability Count - 8 will begin and 8 will end!

LBAC - 21F, 21R, 21OHP, and 21Butterflies IC
Tempo Squats - 21 IC
Windmills - 21 IC
Emperor Walkers - 21 IC
Plank Jacks - 21 IC
Mountain Climbers - 21 IC
Stretch legs out
Mosey around the big box.

The Thang That Surely Happened:
 Mosey to hill:
Partner up DORA:
150 Gorilla Humpers / print up the hill
200 Suzanne Sommers (100R/100L) / Carioca or side shufffle up hill
200 Crab Humpers / Bear Crawl

Indian Run around football field back to Big lots,

Four Stations:
Station A - Obliques 50 IC
Station B- Peter Parker’s 20
Station C - Jump Squats 30
Station D - Pole dancers 10

Back to Shovel Flag.
Box Cutters
Flutter kicks
American Hammers

Circle of Trust:

Enjoyed the good #MumbleChatter this morning. We all need to follow Christ's example in many areas of our lives, but the way in which we treat our spouse, and lead our families can only be done right by serving their needs. Not being a slave to them. But LEADING them with a servant heart. My wife sent me the following post from Proverbs 31 Ministries and I think it says it best. See Below

Prayer Concerns:
Libby Kyzer
Whitney Goodson

 The ANVIL is serving up new leaders on Wednesdays!!
Going for 3 weeks of straight #VQ's
The Crucible is Friday
Biking is now in two locations (Conway and Aynor) @ 5:30
Rucking and Running is a staple at the ANVIL @ 6AM.
March Q sheet is open - sign up!

 Read this with the M for extra credit!
"So maybe, true love looks more like this:
It’s the steadfast presence of your lover, the willingness to stick it out when things get rocky. It demonstrates love when no one else is looking. True love is wholly committed, costing time and effort. It gives with no expectation of recognition or return.
True love seeks to lighten the other’s load. It attempts to understand the other’s feelings, to soothe the unsettled soul of its love. Real romance takes out the trash without being reminded, changes the baby’s diaper when one parent is plain tuckered out, or swings by the office just to drop off that favorite snack for an afternoon break.

Authentic love models Christ by laying down its rights — and seeks to do no wrong. It places the other’s wishes above its own. True love is not a public fist bump. It loves in the secret places of the heart and then shows it in quiet ways, in the microscopic, mundane minutes of life.

May we seek to model this Christ-like love in our marriages, a love that keeps showing up and showing Christ." Karen Ehman

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