Bear crawl soccer #2

Awesome day for a beat down

Date of Beatdown:

 Rain bird, Gypsy, faceplant, magnum,Hong Kong fuy? And your QIC postal

One min warning
Count off to begin
Warm up...
ARM CIRCLE S-IC-Fw and Bw-15

The Thang That Surely Happened:
The Thang
Partner up
Dora 123
Cone 1-100 flutter kicks
Cone 2-200 LBCS
Cone 3-300 Ssh

Crab vs. Bear Soccer Game Preferably played on a soccer field with goals, divide into teams, one team has to crab walk while the other has to bear crawl. Once someone scores a goal, then the teams swap roles (bear to crab and crab to bear). Goalies have to plank, and goalies must be swapped out after every goal scored. Play for as long as you want, real men play for at least 20 minutes

Although we modified!

Cumbawamba burpees

Circle of Trust:


 Good cents shared this at the Anvil and I borrowed it
We all probably know the story of Jesus feeding the crowd with the fish and bread
The question he proposed was what was the guys name who came prepared with lunch that day
Trick question... no one knows , but if we are prepared Jesus can work through us as well
Not for our glory but HIS!

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