Bucket of Chicken: Original or Extra Crispy, Col Sanders Style

70 degrees/overcast

Date of Beatdown:

 Grasspatch, Wonton, Good Cents, Fedex, Postal, Col Sanders

 Welcome, Pledge of Allegiance, disclaimer

Mosey, Baby arm circles both directions, Overhead T claps, Air Presses, SSH, 22 Merkins, Through the tunnel, Flutter Kicks, Groin stretch, Hurdlers stretch left/right

The Thang That Surely Happened:

Demonstration of proper bucket lift, grip, carry

Buddy teams formed

Bucket Pick up

Bucket stationed, 1 man carries while partner sprints to other end to begin 200 shared Squats, when bucket arrives, hand off bucket, carry back while partner picks up the Squat count, After squats, then 200 merkins, then 200 flutter kicks

Mosey back to flag

11 LBCs then a lap up stairs and around to flag

11 mountain climbers """"""""""""""""""""""""""""

25 count side planks, and low planks

Groin Stretch

Hurdlers stretch

Count Off


Circle of Trust:
 Devotion highlighted the partnering and teamwork of handing off the bucket, (sharing the load in life)

Scripture referenced:
Genesis, God gave Adam a Help Meet/partner, Woman
Luke 10:1, God sent out the disciples in pairs, 2 by 2

Prayer concerns/loads shared

 4th anniversary of F3 Grandstrand this upcoming Saturday, Warthog, 0700

 Life is easier as part of a team!

Submitted by:
 Colonel Sanders