Death by KettleBells

The Gloom was in rare form this morning. 64 degrees, low humidity, not a cloud in sight… but still, there was a 100% chance of PAIN!

Date of Beatdown:

 Goldberg, RunOff... QICs
Mayhem, StrapLock, SuperDave, Cavalier,FedEx, TinTop, Sitework, Goodcents, Poptart, Peach... (Drive by Fartsacker)

 Pleasantries were exchanged, Disclaimer was given, Speaker was turned up to 11 and then it was ON!

The Thang That Surely Happened:
 Runoff and myself had been discussing our Crucible CoQ, and had decided to catch the KB guys totally off guard this week. As most of F3Nation knows... the PAX that do KettleBells, are normally the PAX that hate running. With that in mind... we had no choice but to incorporate running into the KB Beatdown, as well as other exercises that KB guys normally dont do. There would be ZERO standing in a circle, chatting and laughing today.

First Exercise... 20 TTT in cadence
Second Exercise... 20 SSH in cadence

And then... BOOM! It got REAL!

YHC called for a mosey... only three or four jaws hit the ground.
We ran probably 1 mile to get the sweat flowing and heart rates up and circled back up at the KBs and Runoff took over.

The PAX partnered up and grabbed a KB of their choice. One PAX would do the following exercises while the other crab walked across the grassy knoll and bear crawled back... probably 30yds each way. Then switch until all reps and exercises were complete.

Exercises were...
100 overhead presses
100 curls
100 bent over rows
And 100 of something I dont remember the name of... We planked and lifted the KB 100 times, rotating arms.
YHC could tell many of the PAX were already gassed, but what they didnt know was that this was Runoffs idea to get them "warmed up"

Next, we picked a new partner and had a new set of exercises.

One PAX would run the length of the grassy knoll, do 2 Turkish Gettups and run back, while the other PAX did the following exercises with KB. This was also done in a rotating fashion.

20 Turkish Gettups w KB
40 Burpees w KB
80 BlueGrass style squats w KB (buttocks down to the curb) The guys absolutely loved this one.

It was 5:45 at this point and the PAX were completely gassed. So, naturally... It was time to do my personal favorite... SPRINTS!!

We separated the KBs into two sets of six at the far end of the grassy knoll and split up into two teams. We moseyed to the far end of the knoll and the instructions were as follows.

Team Relay.

Each PAX would sprint, one at a time probably 50yds, grab a KB and bring it back... then tag one of your teammates and they would do the same. Hears the kicker... if you weren't sprinting, you had to continue doing SSH throughout the duration of the relay. The team to retrieve all six KBs from one end, and place them at the end where their team was would be deemed the winner.
Losing team.. 5 burpees per PAX
Winning team... 10 Peter Parkers

This was epic! I always like to sprint toward the end of a workout. Normally the PAX are worn out and fully gassed, but if you put them on a team... they'll dig down deep and give it their all every time!

Time was called.

Circle of Trust:

Announcements and prayer requests were spoken.

Prayers for...

All PAX battling injuries
Postals wife and 2.0 as they battle the flu.
All PAX safety throughout adventure race.

 Takeaways from this mornings Beatdown...

1) GoodCents crabwalks slightly faster than a slow snail.
2) TinTops form could... ummm... use some work. Burpees are not a head nod, when you squat you should actually bend your knees and attempt to move your body closer to earth. Hahaha
3) Turkish Gettups with a KB suck badly
4) When you're on Q, and you're first up on team relay... Cheating is totally legal. #jumpthegun

It was an Honor to Co-Q alongside RunOff. Hope all that attended walked away completely gassed and slightly skinnier and stronger. Stay ULTIMATE Men of #TheRepublic!


Submitted by:
 Goldberg and Runoff CoQ