Death Part 1!

Absolutely ULTIMATE morning!! Perfect for the PAIN YHC had in store for the PAX!

Date of Beatdown:

 Goldberg (QIC) BigWheelz, High Cotton, RainBird, Manscape, HongKongPhooey, Hoedown, Wonton, Goodcents, CanePole,OldBay, TagTeam, Cavalier

 Welcome and Disclaimer Given.

Bruce Springsteen began blaring BORN IN THE USA from YHCs trusty JBL speaker, as OldBay led us in the pledge of alliegence.

And then BOOOM!! It was ON!!

30 Turbo SideStraddleHops right outta the gate to get everyone HYPED!
10 ThruTheTunnel to stretch the legs and back and then one of my personal favorites
High Knees! With Drop Down Merkins in YHCs call!
Once this was completed I grabbed the speaker and took off with ZERO hesitation!

The Thang That Surely Happened:
 I wanted to get in at least 2 miles during this Beatdown, and I wanted to ABSOLUTELY DESTROY the guys Arms!

We ran 1/4 of a mile and stopped, circled up and one PAX at a time entered the circle and did 10 CORRECT FORM Burpees while the others did an exercise of the PAX in center circles Choice. Total of 130 Burpees! Once the last Man finished his Burpees, YHC took off.

We ran another 1/4 mile and circled back up except this time each PAX, one at a time would enter the circle, call out an exercise for the others, while he did 20 CORRECT FORM Hand Release Merkins! Once everyone completed 20 YHC took off without hesitation hoping the others knew the routine by now... NON STOP HIGH HEART RATE!

1/4 mile later we Rinsed and repeated, except each Man did 20 CORRECT FORM Carolina Dry Docks...

1/4 mile later... And one mile in... we circled up and each Man, One at a time did 10 more CORRECT FORM Burpees followed by each Man doing 10 Hand Release Merkins.

I could tell at this point, the PAX knew I didnt come to play!

Running short on time and knowing I wanted a high INTENSITY finish we moseyed one mile back to the shovel flag.

It was 553am at this point, and I could see it in several of the guys eyes... All they had left to do was some MARY.


We split into two teams and finished with a team sprint relay!

The PAX were officially gassed. I knew the ULTIMATE MISSION had been completed!!

Circle of Trust:
 We circled up, Counted it off, Hollered out nicknames, and made Announcements. (BackPacks and Picture day at #TheCrucible on Friday! Wear your F3 Shirts!)

Prayers for FedEx (shoulder), Straplock, EtchASketch, and all of America.

 It had been too long since YHC led over at #TheRiviera and it was great to be back! I hope that my Q made each Man that posted a little better than they were at 514am. Thank you all, as always for coming out and supporting me. It never has, and never will go unnoticed! Yall are why I do this!

Stay ULTIMATE #HIM of @F3Republic

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