Run First

Fed Ex and Ladybug showed up a little early for a pre-run in the 79 degree weather before joining the other four of the PAX. Good work fellas.

Date of Beatdown:

 Ladybug, Fed Ex, Wonton, Grasspatch, Run Off, and Good Cents-QIC

 One Minute Warning, Disclaimer, and Count-O-Rama

The Thang That Surely Happened:
 Immediately after counting off, we ran Ivy Rd for half a mile before going to the football parking lot to begin a quick warm up that included Little Baby Arm Circles, Big Arm Circles, and Carolina Dry Docks.

The next exercise was done in reverse mode. We walked backwards while stopping at each parking lot light (roughly 20 yards) and doing ten merkins per light going down the parking lot and back to our starting point.

As we were finishing, Fed Ex and Ladybug came running up. Since everyone had gotten warmed up from running to start things, we all took off with an Indian Run down Ivy Rd and then along Pee Dee Hwy to the front of the high school.

At the front parking lot, we started bear crawling and would do five merkins at each parking space line. We were about to turn around and go back when Ladybug politely expressed his pleading something like, "Oh no not again." The PAX was happy to oblige his request with an exercise of his choice. He chose sit ups, which he led in cadence. Good job Ladybug.

After that, we moseyed back to the shovel flag where we did three sets of pull-ups.

We concluded with Hands of Time, American Hammers, and PAX Choice.

Circle of Trust:
 Since time was getting close, we stretched while making announcements.

Several prayer requests were also shared.

 We discussed how life changing F3 can be and of how many people don't realize what they're missing. It's our job to keep telling others about F3.

As good as it is being part of F3, it is absolutely no comparison to being part of God's family. What are we doing to recruit others into His kingdom? What are we waiting for?

Acts 22: 15-16a, " For thou shalt be his witness unto all men of what thou has seen and heard. And now why tarriest thou?..."

Submitted by:
 Good Cents