Double dora

Terrible, lots of standing water, rain and wind! But it was warmish!!! #SilverLining

Date of Beatdown:

 FedEx, Postal, Etch-a-Sketch, Bluegrass(QIC)

 Stretching! We don’t do very much of it so I took about 5 minutes to run through some new stretch routines. Flexibility is important!!!

The Thang That Surely Happened:
 Double DORA
Run-roughly 150 yards
1st set- 100 burpees
2nd set- 400 LBCs
3rd set- 600 Squats

Quick Amrap dora for Mary
1st set- Omoplata drill
2nd set- windshield wipers
3rd set- out of time

Circle of Trust:
 Prayer request for the following:
David Vernon (Bluegrass’ grandfather)
Lovern family
Squires family
Youth trip attendees

 Q sheet is empty and it shouldn’t be. Sign up or get signed up by someone else, your choice.

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