Game Day – Competition Style!

It was a nice cool fall morning. Perfect weather for a beatdown or any other outside activity.

Date of Beatdown:

 Tag Team, Hoedown, Grasspatch, Hong Kong Phooey, Wishbone, Faceplant, Stuffed Crust

 Nothing fancy in the warm-up. Just a quick session consisting of Through The Tunnel, Windmils and SSH's. Then we took a mosey over to the big lots parking lot for rest of the beat down.

The Thang That Surely Happened:
 We circled up and split into two teams.

First game was called Face Off. Team A lined up opposite Team B for a one on one showdown except for the last pair that had to do two on one since we had odd numbers. Three rounds of exercises with the reps done as follows. I did one, my opponent did two, I did three and so on until one of us gave out. Whichever team had the most head to head winners was the winner for the round. First exercise was merkins, second was monkey humpers and the third was flutter kicks. Needless to say the rounds didn't last very long. Overall losing team did 5 burpees.

Second game was called Human Hungry Hippo. Each team lined up on opposite ends of the field with a bucket on each side and a bucket in the middle between the two teams. One runner from each team would run to the middle bucket and grab a ball and run it back to their bucket then the next runner would go. We ran until we got all the balls from the middle and then had to run all the way to the other teams bucket and take from there. 4 minute rounds for the first two and a five minute round for the third. Somehow after the first 4 minute round we managed to have a tie. We can't have ties in F3 so we took 1 ball away for the rest of the rounds.

Third game was called flip the cup. We lined up solo cups by each team, 10 on each side, and we all ran back and forth at the same time. Our teams objective was to flip the cups bottoms up while the other team flipped them bottoms down. Team with the most cups flipped their way at the end was the winner.
You could only flip one cup on each trip down so it was a LOT of back and forth. Even though we had the extra man, Team Hoedown, Hong Kong Phooey and Wishbone managed to win the first round convincingly. We quickly found out my team wasn't flipping the cups the right way for the first few runs. Blame the bad explanation on the Q. Yikes. A correction was made and our team of four managed to win the second round.

The second and third games were ultimate ways to run sprints without feeling like we were running sprints. Competition will definitely make you push yourself. Good stuff!

Circle of Trust:
 Ended things with a COT. Several prayer requests and praise reports mentioned.

 The deadline for Fartsack Hijack is Sunday morning. Make sure you sign up if you have the flexibility to make it work.

 "You can't always be the most talented in the room but you can be the most competitive." It's no secret that competition brings out the best effort in all of us.

Submitted by:
 Tag Team