Recon mission for FOB Hammer

Misty rain in low 40’s… why not have a great VQ in the rain! The Mission has to be accomplished.

Date of Beatdown:

 Grasspatch, Smokey Bear, Runoff, Podcast, Good Cents, Tag Team

 Motivational speech: Average men are in the #fartsack you guys are one of the few!
Mission of Q announced...
Orders Received!

The Thang That Surely Happened:
 Route Recon, (route step/double time)

Smoke Breaks/Halt, including Perimeter Security, (monitoring MSR), push ups, planks

Quartering party insertion to FOB site, High Crawl into objective, Planking to monitor

Establish and improve Site Security Set Up, 360 perimeter push-ups off the picnic table

LP/OPs established on High Ground , pull up improvement

Building Combat Power in the AA, pull-ups to view the high ground and monitor the dead spots for indirect fire

Phase down forward ops, SALUTE reports completed, Doubletime out of AO

Redeployment, Halt enroute along MSR, Merkins/Planking

Circle of Trust:
 Namarama: Conducted
Headcount: 7pax victorious over the fartsack, posted, executed mission, Debrief at Base Anvil.

Posted by Runoff

 Pray for True North
Grasspatch on Q for Saturday.

 Scripture: Psalms 1:1; 3 points: Walk not in the counsel of the ungodly, Stand not in the way of sinners, avoid having a critical Spirit! Check up on the Spiritual credibility, before you follow anyone! Seek Counsel from the Master himself through the Word! Be what you profess! Build up, don’t tear down!
Prayer Requests

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 Colonel Sandenders