Do we always run this much @ Riviera?

Low to mid 40’s with lots of wind.

Date of Beatdown:

 Daisy, Tombstone, TagTeam, Bluegrass, Grasspatch, Runnoff, HoeDown, Stuft Crust, Rainbird, High Cotton, Etch a Sketch

 Disclaimer given
SSH x20
Little Baby Arm Circles x20
Little Baby Arm Circles reverse x20
Overhead press x20
Windmills x15
Through The Tunnel x15

The Thang That Surely Happened:
 Take a mosey stop at the end of Big Lots, 10 Burpees in cadence

Mosey to parking lot behind the Rec pool, 20 big boys OYO we did our count off. 10 will begin 10 will end!
Mosey on to the track at the ballfields.

We partner up. 1 partner will be taking a 1/4 mile run around the track while the other does the exercise and keep switching off until all is done.

100 - Turkish Jump-ups

100 - Dips

100 - Jump Squats

100 - Carolina Dry Docks

Mosey back to AO stop along the way and do 25 Merkins and 25 LBC’s.

Stretch to finish up when we get back to AO.

10 began, 11 finished! HoeDown ran the whole time and joined us during the COT.

Circle of Trust:
 Prayer requests

Rainbirds mom battling cancer

27 men headed to True North this weekend

Several pax with injuries

Colonial Sanders VQ coming up tomorrow morning.

Stuft Crusts daughter has Flu

Etch a Sketch daughter has Flu


Bible Study
Joseph’s Life - Genesis
Want to encourage you to not ever think that God has stopped working in our lives. He is even when we don’t realize it. Even with the smallest details he is setting things up.
I have been reading through Genesis and the ladder parts where Joseph is made second in command of Egypt to no one but Pharaoh (after interpreting Pharaohs dreams) and if you look back on Joseph life when his brothers sold him, because they were jealous of him. During those times of his life I’m sure that he felt like God was no longer with him but when we see it all play out it’s obvious that God was there the whole time putting things in order. Joseph ends up saving Egypt and his whole family later in life. So always know that God is always there with us even if we cannot see evidence of Him at that particular moment in time. He is always there and He is always working, even when we don’t know it!

Honor to Q men!

 True North coming up this weekend

Another True North coming up again in March. There is still room for anyone wanting to go.

Adventure Race coming up

Horry County International
Drive Race coming up.

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 Etch a Sketch