Royalty Race

Perfect Conditions as I roll up to the Anvil at what I thought was early I saw an alien of some sort in the distance…as it approached I then realized it was my brother Hoedown getting his run on Already. As I set the scene and staged so acts my other brothers appeared out of the gloom into the light to meet the Queen

Date of Beatdown:

 Cracker Jack, Hoedown, Good cents, Cornel Sanders, Grass patch , Runoff and your QIC Postal

 Stretch led by none other than Good cents
SSH-15 IC X15
TTT-15 IC X15

The Thang That Surely Happened:
 Deck of Death with a twist
Hearts=flutter kicks
Spades =American hammers
Diamonds =LBC’s

King =10 merkins
Plank in between and discuss
King = daily discipline of physical fitness

Queen=10 shoulder taps
Queen= daily discipline of diet
Jack= 10 burpees
Jester= unique temptation of the flesh

1-Take the DRP gotta beat the fart sack
2- you simply cannot out king your queen
diet is necessary
3-jester will trip you up. Be prepared!

Circle of Trust:
 Disclaimer COT
Is about TRUST!

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