So much for Hard Commits


75 with moderate humidity

Date of Beatdown:

 Grunt, Super Dave, Straplock, Cavalier, Bigwheelz, FedEx, Hong Kong Phooey, Old Bay, Sitework, Grasspatch (QIC)

 5:14 One Minute Warning called.

5:15 Disclaimer

Attention to the flag of The United States of America

Mosey to the front corner of the old court house.
5 SSH - IC
5 Tempo Squats - IC
5 Merkins - OYO
5 Alternating Shoulder Taps - IC
5 LBAC - F/R - IC
5 Burpees - OYO

I must say it didn't take long for the PAX to notice I had something up my sleave as far as a COP this morning. A five count really was too good to be true!

Mosey to other side of court house
10 SSH - IC
10 Tempo Squats - IC
10 Merkins - OYO
10 Alternating Shoulder Taps - IC
10 LBAC - F/R - IC
10 Burpees - OYO

Mosey to the back of the court house
15 SSH - IC
15 Tempo Squats - IC
15 Merkins - OYO
15 Alternating Shoulder Taps - IC
15 LBAC - F/R - IC
15 Burpees - OYO

By now we had completed our COT.

The Thang That Surely Happened:
 Partner up with a coupon, and from the front steps of the Horry County Justice Center we'll do a DORA workout woth 100 bicep curls, 100 overhead presses, 100 presses lying down, and 100 squats, while the other partner runs out and back.

Nice work men!

Now take the coupon and place it on your partners back. 10 perfect form merkins. Repeat for each PAX. Repeat 15 merkins each PAX, and then finish with 5 merkins for each PAX.

Return coupons and mosey back to the direction of the shovel flag.

Stop for some Mary work.

25 Flutterkicks - IC
Ouch!! Sitework was in a bed of fireants!
15 Boxcutters - IC
25 LBCs - OYO

Mosey back to shovel flag!

Circle of Trust:

 Independence Day beatdown at The Riviera

 Always an honor to lead and hang out with this crazy bunch of guys at The Nuthouse! Mumble chatter did abound which made our morning pass by so quickly. This is truly a great AO and bunch of HIM. There had been several hard committs the night before but for some reason, they never showed. We'll just leave those PAX to defend themselves from this BB - attention Goldberg and Madame Tussauds!

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