Upper Body Beat Down

Its the day before Independence Day, and I know everyone wants to get that last minute arms workout in before hitting the beach. I loaded up some dumb bells with a half prepared winkie in my mind. When I rolled up Wonton was waiting and Colonel Sanders pulled up just behind. It was a humid 77 Degrees, the air is thick and the wind is blocked by our school, so it was a great set up for a sweat show!

Date of Beatdown:

 Wonton, Colonel Sanders, and YHC

F3 Nation Mission stated:
"To plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership."
Conversational LBAC - Fwd, Rev, OH, and Seal Claps
20 Merkins - IC
Imperial Walkers - 20 IC
TTT - 20 IC
Old Man Windmills - 20 IC
SSH - 20 IC

The Thang That Surely Happened:
 Lined up at the steps and since we only had three of us we modified the workout.
Started the music...

Line up at the bottom of the steps to Gymnasium.
2 - 35lbs Dumb Bells
In rotating fashion 1 PAX ran up the steps, over, down, and back while other 2 AMRAP the following exercises.
3 Rounds of Curls and Triceps Extensions.
3 Rounds of Front straight arm raises and bent over rows.
(Changed the sprint up steps to Bear Crawls) and Repeat.

Mosey to Football Field:
Line up on the Goal line, Sprint 10 Yards and then escalate 2 Merkins per line to other goal line.
Mosey back to the start. Round One.
Round Two Carioca to each line,
Round Three, Carolina Dry Docks and sprint backwards to each line.

Round of Mary
50 LBC
76 Flutter Kicks

Mosey to Courtyard.
Dips and Burpees Start with 10 Dips IC and 5 Burpees. Countdown 8/4, 6/3...
Mosey to handrail for Pole Dancing. IC 8,6,4,2.

Circle of Trust:
 Back to Shovel Flag.
Stretch while we wrap up #mumblechatter.
Prayer request made.

 Announcements: July 4th Convergence, Crucible, and Bike Rides
Wonton would like to have a FNG week. The idea is give guys an easy on-ramp to get up to speed.
Prayed us out!

 Lots of people are signing up on the Q Sheet and we need to get the numbers up. These brothers are real men who will push you in a beat down and pick you up when you are down. Its an honor to lead!

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