Escalating to Perfection

1 lonely PAX (YHC) for a few miles warmup run…

Humidity was showing off and the Pax were eager to dive into the deep end of the sultry morning. sort of.

Date of Beatdown:

 Hong Kong Fuey, GrassPatch, Blacktop, Mitten, Cavalier, FacePlant, High Cotton, HoeDown

Some light stretching
Imperial Walkers IC
Wind Mills IC
22 Merkins
Take a Mosey over to the parking lot.

The Thang That Surely Happened:
 Escalator: Pax Choice of exercise
Corner 1 = 20 Carolina Dry Docks
Corner 2 = 40 LBC
Corner 3 = 60 Squats of Impeccable Form
Corner 4 = 80 Mountain Climbers (single leg)
Take everything with you as you go (20, 20+40, 20+40+60, 20+40+60+80)

Repeat the Fourth Corner and work your way back down.
Leave no man behind.

Mosey back over toward the Shovel Flag.

Line up for OYO Percentage Sprints
Appx 40 yard dash

First sprint is 25% of your maximum perceived effort (MPE), mosey back to start.
Second sprint is 50% of your MPE, mosey back
Third sprint is 75% of you MPE, mosey back
Fourth is 100% MPE, mosey back.

Circle back up for some Mary

Circle of Trust:
 Prayers, and Concerns were lifted.
Word from 1 Tim 1: Train up another man. Establish him as AO leader. Move over. Encourage, Repeat.

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