Tires and slosh tube a plenty

The conditions were cold and yhc was wondering how many pax would really show up. But the pax did not disappoint. Yhc was going to bring nothing but tires didnt feel like cleaning up puke, especially YHC’s own. So yhc brought a smorgasbord of coupons

Date of Beatdown:

 Goldberg, peach, big wheelz, super Dave, rain bird, Bob the builder, cavalier, Straplock, faceplant

 Disclaimer given

Ssh 25
Reverse lunges 20
Through the tunnel 20
Hand release merkins 20

The Thang That Surely Happened:
 Mosey to the van and pick up a coupon
Mosey to the police lot
The thang
Pair up
Station 1 bucket carry
Station 2 push the tire
Station 3 slosh tube
Station 4 farmers carry
Station 5 bear crawls

Partner 1 pushes or carries the coupon half way or the whole length of the police lot and back while partner 2 does amrap of
10 burpees
10 reverse lunges
10 merkins
Flip flop and repeat
After both pax finish the coupon rotate to the next coupon. Rotate until every pax has carried all the coupons.

Round 2
Same as round 1 except the amrap exercises are now
10 big boys
10 Carolina dry docks
10 Turkish get ups

Mosey back to the flag
And circle up for Mary
20 hand release merkins IC
20 bbsu
Hold 6 inches

Circle of Trust:
 Pray for rain birds mom
Pray for big wheelz family
Pray for true north

 2nd f lunch TBA

 Always strive to be rooted. Take that first few minutes when you wake up to have you quiet time. Give God your first fruits

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