Tour de lot

Today’s Conditions: Cold

Date of Beatdown:

 Straplock, Sitework, Switchfoot, Mudslide, Faceplant, TinTop, Goldberg, Peach, Saved by the Bell, Mayhem, FedEx, PertPlus (QIC)

 Disclaimer given after coming in a few minutes late on two wheels. Goldberg said everyone had already warmed up.

The Thang That Surely Happened:
 Mosey up Laurel to the empty lot past Abrams. Line up in a circle and YHC explained the fire drill PapaSmurf brought to #TheAnvil. We then partook in the fire drill. All PAX chop feet until someone yells fire. You drop, do a merkin, roll right, do a merkin, roll to left, do a merkin, then back to chopping your feet. Insert a lot of #mumblechatter here. Sitework made mention of the nice wall and of course YHC agreed to use it! We held a wall squat for an undisclosed time in several different holds.
We then continued our mosey up Laurel, stopping by FUMC. 25 dips OYO, 20 incline and 20 decline merkins OYO.
We then continued our mosey across Main Street, stopping behind the museum. Bear crawl up the hill, lunge to the rail at the end of the parking lot, run down the steps to rinse and repeat 3 times.
Mosey continued to the parking lot next to the Presbyterian Church. YHC explained to the PAX how simple math was with the 1:4 ratio. Yep, #burpeedans across the parking lot; one burpee followed by 4 lunges, only increasing the number of burpees forward.
Mosey back to VSF, on your six.
Hurcane Hoedowns 7 IC with raised hands, 7 IC with hands behind, 20 IC on back with last 10 slow. 25 Bigboys OYO, American Hammers 20 IC.

Circle of Trust:
 1 Corinthians 12:1 be intentional with the words you speak.
Prayer requests and praises mentioned, YHC prayed us out.

 Date night this Saturday night, see BigWheelz for more information.

 As always, it was a pleasure to lead this fine group of HIM!!

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