Walls of Jericho

55 and clear

Date of Beatdown:

 Runoff, Old Bay, Goldberg, Tag Team, Stuffed Crust - Respect, Wishbone, Mudslide, Good Cents, Wonton, Grasspatch (QIC)

 Pledge to the Flag of the United States of America

20 LBAC - F/R - IC
20 Tappy-Taps - IC (lots of mumblechatter with this one!)
20 Hillbillies - IC
20 Abe Vigoda - IC
22 Merkins for our Veterans - OYO
20 Tempo Squats - IC
50 SSH - IC

The Thang That Surely Happened:
“Walls of Jericho”, quite simple, perform all seven exercises for seven reps and take a lap around the church building. We repeated for seven rounds, and on the last lap, all PAX were instructed to “shout” just as Joshua was in Joshua 6.
Bobby Hurleys
Mountain Climbers
Carolina Dry Docks

25 LBCs - OYO
With Stuffed Crust being our eldest PAX in attendance at 50 years young, I paid respect to him by performing 50 Flutterkicks in cadence!

Circle of Trust:

 2nd F Dinner
Veterans Day beatdown
Wishbone’s VQ
The Crucible workout now is all one. Each workout should be like a Snotwoggler.

 It’s always a pleasure to lead. That’s what we do, and we get better at it by doing it! I wanted to challenge the men to have the faith like Joshua, when we’re lead by God to do something, know He’ll give us that strength.

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