Yall gon Learn Today!

There was an eery feel to the morning, from the moment I stepped out my house. It was something was different, something odd… But I couldn’t put my finger on it.

All I knew was, I was on mission. I had all intentions of kicking ass and chewing Bubblegum today… But I reached in my pocket, and to my delight… I was all outta Bubblegum.

Date of Beatdown:

 Grasspatch, BigWheelz, Straplock, Superdave, Tagteam, Bob the Builder, Blacktop, Stuffed Crust (RESPECT) , Manscape, Faceplant, OldBay, Mudslide, Switchfoot, Wishbone, Runoff, P-Funk, Wonton, Snapshot (FNG) Welcome...
Goldberg QIC

 Welcome and Disclaimer was given, Followed by a Happy Halloween to everyone.
I quickly asked Grasspatch to remind everyone of the MISSION of F3.
Afterward I pulled a paragraph from this weeks Q-Source that had really stuck with me. It simply said...
For a Man to truly become Freed to Lead, He MUST be willing to overcome hardships.

And that's exactly what every man would be challenged to do this morning.

There were exactly ZERO stretches, I grabbed my trusty JBL with Metallica (Nothing Else Matters) jamming and took off.

The Thang That Surely Happened:
 We took a short mosey around TheRock Church to get everyone's muscles loosened up and get the blood flowing... Then we circled up for what would be the first of Two rounds of exercises.

One PAX would enter the circle for all to see/critique.
He would call out an exercise, while everyone in the circle did the called exercise.. The single PAX completed 10 correct form Hand Release Merkins. This went AT A FAST PACE until all 19 Men had called an exercise, and completed 10 HRMerkins while the others watched for perfect form.

Next... We moseyed about 40 yds and did it again, accept this time the Exercise was 10 perfect form Burpees. These were done quickly, when one man jumped out, the next jumped in. Everyone was constantly exercising in order to keep the heart rates elevated.

After Round 2 we moseyed over to the Pile of Pain ( Pallets, Weight plates, and Cinder blocks ). I could actually smell the excitement in the air!
I quickly grabbed a pallet... And then, to the PAX delight, placed a cinder block on top of it. YHC had everyone line up in a parallel line and explained that this was simply a "warmup" round... To get everyone accustomed to pushing a pallet.

One PAX would call out an exercise for all to perform.
He would then, push the pallet probably 25 yds and then push it back. NEXT MAN UP!

This was done until ALL Pax had pushed the pallet and called an exercise.
I could see it, I could feel it, Hell... I could taste it. They new they'd entered a world of pain.

Now it was time to put in some WORK!

We split into teams of three or four,

And it was time... Time for one of my personal favorites... The always elusive...


One man would be pushing the pallet (with 45lb weight on it)
One man would be doing correct form squats
And one man would be performing the following exercises using the CinderBlock.
The pallet would go back and forth between teammates until the following exercises were complete.

50 decline Merkins (feet on block)
75 Burpees ( block over head )
100 BigBoys ( with block )
300 SSH... To keep the heart rate up.

Let me tell you... This Was ULTIMATE!

YHC witnessed something that was much needed! A good old fashioned tail whipping!

YHC saw guys quit doing the squats to catch their breath and save their legs...

Some guys simply had NO more gas to push the pallet...
Called them Out. DIG! KEEP PUSHING!

Several PAX were Merloting... I think it was three at once...
Checked on them, the Called Them Out.

YHC absolutely loved every single minute of it!
Why? Because we needed it.
We needed to overcome some hardship, we needed to be reminded that we aren't as fit as we sometimes think, we needed a Daggum Old School F3Republic BEATDOWN!!!

Time was called at 555am in order to insure we had time for NameOrama, FNG naming, and still get everyone back home on time.

Needless to say... The PAX seemed totally OK with the decision.

Circle of Trust:
 We counted off to the total of 19. Great showing men of #TheRepublic!

We then acquainted ourselves with our FNG "Snapshot" (He's a wedding photographer)
And thanked him for coming out and joining us.

 Republic Adventure Race Saturday morning.

2ndF Supper next Tuesday night at Crooked Oak. 7pm.

Straplocks Final Q as AOQ of #TheNuthouse on Monday! BE THEREAS HE PASSES THE TORCH TO OLD BAY!

FartSackHighJack Challenge kicks off tomorrow morning at #TheCrucible! Get your teams ready!

Veterans Day Q on the 11th at #TheNuthouse

Wishbones VQ on the 12th at #TheRiviera

WES Foundation holding a free class for 7-9th graders on Internet Safety next week. Parents should attend also.

P-Funk Praise Report... Keys to his own Place!

 Many prayer requests were made....

Straplocks family (death in the family)
Wishbone losing his College coach.
BigWheelz Sister in Law (Cancer checkup)

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