Rain vs HIM

39 degrees with rain

Date of Beatdown:

 Etch-A-Sketch, Wonton, Tag Team, Magnum, Grasspatch, Fed Ex, and Good Cents QIC

 One Minute Warning/Count-O-Rama/Brief Disclaimer later given

I was pleasantly surprised to see the good turn out in the rough weather conditions. I was also happy to utilize the church awning and received no objections from the PAX.

All exercises were done in cadence: Butt Kicks, Running Jacks, LBACs, Bent Over Seal Claps, Old Man Windmills, & Through the Tunnel.

The Thang That Surely Happened:
 We maximized our space under the awning by partnering up and "Standing by Our Man" with a round of Tammy Wynettes (plenty of merkins and squats) to further warm us up for what was about to take place.

We then weathered (pun intended) a 10 Station workout a couple times through, equipped with dumbbell sets and even a decline bench. The stations included the following exercises: Saggy Pants, Lawn Mowers (Right Hand), Lawn Mowers (Left Hand), Bicep Curls, Straight Arm Raises, Sit Ups, Mountain Climbers, Toy Soldiers, Jump Squats, & SSH.

We finished up things with American Hammers, Side Sit Ups, & some Crunchy Frog.

Circle of Trust:
Read and Discussed Hebrews 10: 24-25
Prayer on behalf of several PAX's family members and other needs

 Q Source at noon today at Groucho's
Anvil's Saturday workouts will all start 30 minutes earlier
Several other upcoming events

 The rain brought some small challenges for me to communicate and organize things as efficiently as I would have desired, but the rain didn't win this morning's battle. The High Impact Men of F3 Republic won the battle this morning. It was an honor to simply be a part of it.

Submitted by:
 Good Cents