The Riviera Travelers

76 with moderate humidity!

5:14 One Minute Warning called.

5:15 Disclaimer

Pledge to the flag of The United States of America

Date of Beatdown:

 Magnum, Hoedown, Goldberg, Runoff, Tag Team, Rain Bird, High Cotton - Respect, Hong Kong Phooey, Old Bay, Good Cents, Grasspatch (QIC), Bluegrass made it over from the secret run group for the COT.

5 SSH - IC
5 LBAC - F/R - IC
5 Air Presses - IC
5 Imperial Walkers - IC
5 CDDs - IC
5 Tempo Squat - IC
5 Burpees - OYO

I must say it didn't take long for the PAX to notice I had something up my sleave as far as a COP this morning.

Wait on Runoff barelling in on two wheels, then mosey across the street! Circle up for a little more warm-up!
10 SSH - IC
10 LBAC - F/R - IC
10 Air Presses - IC
10 Imperial Walkers - IC
10 CDDs - IC
10 Tempo Squat - IC
10 Burpees - OYO

Mosey over to the Conway Rec Center and circle up.
15 SSH - IC
15 LBAC - F/R - IC
15 Air Presses - IC
15 Imperial Walkers - IC
15 CDDs - IC
15 Tempo Squat - IC
Knowing we had to get in 15 Burpees, I decided to ask one PAX at a time an F3 Core Principle. Mission accomplished: after each principle, we would perform 3 burpees.

By now we had completed our COP.

The Thang That Surely Happened:
 Having lost High Cotton for an Elvis into the Rec Center, we partnered up and performed three AMRAP exercises, LBCs, Alternating shoulder taps and Apollo Ohnos, while partner runs around the grassy area.

High Cotton is back, let's go! On to the pinic area where we did 10 step-ups with each leag, plank on the six. I then asked a PAX to give me a praise report. After each one we worked down to 8, 6, 4 and 2.

As it was time to head back, we stopped at the baseball field concession stand to review the F3 mission statement. In a circle, PAX would begin one at a time performing 5 burpees. When they finished their 5, they would sprint out of the baseball complex. Wow, that was a long sprint. Appraoximately 673+/- feet per Good Cents. Goldberg dry heaving! I love it!!

Back to the shovel flag
25 Flutterkicks - IC
25 LBCs - OYO
Stretch it out to finish.

Circle of Trust:
 Numerous prayer concerns.

 Announcements: Hoedown has QSource today at Groucho's, workout tomorrow at The Anvil and The Nuthouse!

 Always an honor to Q!

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